Clash Royale Hack: How Are Your Moves And Strategies?

So clash royale turned out to be a very entertaining and addicting strategy game for adults and children. Talking about strategy, how is your attack strategy going and how do you fair in all your duels? Are you doing poorly and you want something to improve your strategy? If yes is your answer, then read the below on several clash royale hack cheats to help you enjoy the best gaming experience.


At the initial stage of the clash royale game attacking your opponent head on was the common option but it is just a weak strategy. The early days of the game has already faded out, so what you need now is to come up a new strategy on how to take down the King at the other side in the game. If your trophy is improving your opponent will keep getting stronger up to the point that you will have to level up.

In order to beat your opponent you win need to level up your cards, if you posses enough coin and cards you have to level up that particular card swiftly before attacking anyone else. You also need to own good cards such as Prince, Mini PEKKA so as to be able to destroy your opponent, and the giants as well as many damaged cards to easily extinguish the middle. If you want the ability to beat enemies you must have high damage cards, high level giants, and a rage spell.

Now let us go into the strategy proper. Your first move will be to wait till you elixir is full after which you will immediately release the high damage cards you posses on one side of your rival. This will destroy that side of your enemy. Alternatively, if you do not have these damage cards, you can unleash the Barbarian card and release the rage spell. This does the trick, but you will need a top level Barbarian cards.

Gold and Gems

Another problem that you may encounter when playing clash royale gem hack game is how to earn elixir and gold. You may find it time consuming. Although you will still be able to play the game for a whole year, you still need to have great hack account on your device. Gems and gold on clash royale are earned by winning fights in campaign settings or multiplayer settings, and by participating in quests. You may need to be patient with it or you will end up spending a lot buying gems and utilizing it to acquire gold or elixir.

If you do not want to spend on gems, there are a number of strategies that can get you gems as fastest as possible. Many easier ways have been provided to give you free access to generating gems and gold. One of them is with the cash royale hack tool. It is 100 percent safe and you will be able to get the gems normally without having to worry about downloading any app on your device. All you have to do is sign up and generate.